What is SSD and How Does it Work in Computers?

    1. SSD stands for solid-state disc and is a computer storage technology that is rapidly replacing the hard disc drive (HDD).
    2. While it performs the same functions as an HDD, SSD is more efficient and faster.
    3. They both permanently store data in your computer. This data can be;
        1. Movie and music files
        2. Your programs (Apps)
        3. Documents
        4. Pictures e.t.c
    4. The main difference is that a solid-state disc as the name suggests has no moving parts.
    5. The Hard disc drive has plates that rotate when it’s reading and writing data.
    6. As you use your computer, the programs you open load data from the disc drive to the RAM.
    7. A solid-state disc can send and receive data much faster than the HDD, making your computer faster.
    8. SSD tries to bridge the speed gap between permanent storage and RAM which typically operates in nanoseconds.
    9. Paired with a good RAM size, your SSD laptop can be super-fast and efficient.


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