What Speaker Trim Level is and Why it Matters

    1. A trim level is an important tool in the functioning of a subwoofer within a home theater sound system.
    2. While the subwoofer produces bass, other speakers in a sound system produce high-frequency crisp/sharp sound.
    3. The trim level moderates the low-frequency bass sound to prevent it from overpowering/draining sound from the other speakers.
    4. Trim level is a control separate from the volume control for the subwoofer.
    5. The conventional practice is to keep trim levels below zero decibels (0db), then boost bass frequency using the subwoofer master volume control.
    6. Correct trim level cleans out the bass and clearly distinguishes it from the rest of the sound.
    7. This prevents distortion of sound, projecting it as intended, and giving the best overall sound in the room.


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