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What Phone Refresh Rate Means and Why it Matters

    1. Refresh rate is a display concept that refers to how often a phone screen updates the on-screen image.
    2. It also means the frequency at which your phone screen fetches new images.
    3. Refresh rate is measured in hertz (Hz), while the time taken to display a new image or frame is measured in milliseconds.
    4. The refresh rate is a crucial display factor especially when it comes to gaming.
    5. Fast-paced games such as FIFA on mobile are graphically intense and every image frame matters.
    6. For example, if your phone display has a refresh rate of 120Hz, it is refreshing the screen image 120 times per second.
    7. You therefore might need a higher refresh rate if you like playing video games on your mobile phone.
    8. It is not only important for gaming, but also for overall display including movies.
    9. Refresh rate works alongside the processor, and Graphics Processing Unit, among other factors.


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