What is Wash Timer in Washing Machine and How Does it Work?

    1. A wash timer is a device that automatically sets the duration in which clothes are cleaned in the washing machine.
    2. The clothes are first inserted into the wash tub before going into the spin tub for cleaning and rinsing.
    3. The wash timer is set by turning the clearly labeled knob at the top of the washing machine.
    4. Turning this knob sets the washing machine in motion, rotating as it cleans your clothes using the water and detergent mixture inside the wash tub.
    5. The timer is set according to how heavy your washing is which can be the degree of dirt on your clothes.
    6. It is mainly done by estimation. For example for shirts, setting the timer to 3-6 minutes is ideal.
    7. If your clothes are soiled you might consider a 12-minute wash.


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