What is USB-C Thunderbolt™ in Computers?

    1. USB-C Thunderbolt™ is a means of data transfer for computers that features the USB-C and Thunderbolt™ technologies.
    2. The two are different but compatible technologies that combine for phenomenal data transfer speeds.
    3. The latest Thunderbolt 4 function can attain speeds of up to 3000 megabytes per second in data transfer.
    4. USB type C (USB-C) is the most modern USB standard with mind-blowing data transfer and charging speed.
    5. Speeds for USB 3.1 and 3.2 ports, for instance, go up to 10GB and 20GB per second respectively.
    6. USB-C Thunderbolt™ is very important in interconnecting multiple computer monitors, a practice known as daisy-chaining.
    7. Daisy-chaining is common in graphics, video editing desks, and other creative workstations.
    8. USB-C Thunderbolt™ cables and ports are used to transmit signals like video across different monitors from a single computer.
    9. This makes work easier, especially when running multiple and intense computer applications.


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