What is the Intel® Evo™ platform in Computers?

    1. The Intel® Evo™ platform is a computer technology designed to raise computer processing speeds and boost overall performance.
    2. The most significant products of the Intel® Evo™ platform are the Intel Core™ i5 and Core i7 processors.
    3. Also called Tiger Lake, these chipsets belong to the 11th generation of Intel Central Processing Units.
    4. The clock speed of the Intel Core i7 in particular is a record high, making it one of the most powerful processors in the cyber world.
    5. The Intel® Evo™ platform also supports top graphic chipsets including the Iris® Xe graphics processor.
    6. Iris® Xe graphics has made gaming on computers possible by providing smooth graphics.
    7. It supplies graphics, texture, and transition in video games among other vital aspects.


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