What is the Audio Delay Effect in Home Theater?

    1. Audio delay is a feature that is used to create an echo in the audio playing on your sound system.
    2. It records and stores part of the input sound and then plays it later alongside the output sound.
    3. This is what you hear as an echo.
    4. There are several reasons for having an echo, including adding rhythmic flavor to your music.
    5. The delay time is measured in milliseconds and you can set it manually by your ears.
    6. Modern sound systems like home theaters, however, come with an A/V Sync feature that does it automatically.
    7. A/V Sync is particularly important in minimizing the time gap between the audio and the film you see on monitors and projectors.
    8. The feature delays the sound so that the pictures catch up in order to give you a smooth viewing experience.
    9. A/V Sync can be set from the audio settings on the AV receiver.


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