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What is TFT Display in Mobile Phones and How Does it Work?

    1. TFT stands for Thin-Film transistor.
    2. It is a phone display technology designed to show quick animations, complex graphics, and custom fonts on your phone screen.
    3. TFT display works by having one transistor connected to each of the pixels on your screen.
    4. Pixel is the smallest unit in a picture that is illuminated to form the complete visuals we see on our screens.
    5. By connecting a transistor to each pixel, TFT generally requires smaller amounts of current to light up each pixel.
    6. This makes it easier to switch the current on and off.
    7. This ability makes the phone screen more responsive to change.
    8. Animations, for instance, are visuals that are characterized by fast and rapid changes in color and objects on your phone screen.
    9. Some games also have complex graphics that require a fast adaptive screen.
    10. This makes a TFT screen (also known as an active matrix display technology) is a good choice.


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