What is Surround Sound in Home Theater?

    1. Surround sound is a technique that originated in movie theaters where different audio channels were played on multiple speakers surrounding the audience.
    2. Surround sound is a development from the former 3-channel set up that had 3 speakers.
    3. The 3 speakers were placed at the right, left, and center of the room in front of the movie theater.
    4. Also known as spatial/3D sound, surround sound is meant to enrich the depth of sound through distinct audio channels.
    5. This brings a special sensation of sound coming from all directions around the listener.
    6. Dolby Atoms (Dolby Digital Surround) is one of the surround sound technologies available today.
    7. Surround sound is the one thing that makes a home theater superior to an ordinary sound system.
    8. For a proper surround system, you might consider a 7.2 channel home theater.
    9. Such a system has 7 channels that split your audio into 7 different types of sound detail coming from different speakers.
    10. A 7.2 channel home theater also has 2 subwoofers for a balanced low-frequency bass sound.
    11. Other home theaters for surround sound include 7.1 or 5.1.
    12. A basic surround sound system setup requires 2-3 speakers in front, and 2-3 speakers on either side and behind.
    13. The main sound should come from the speakers in front while the background sound should be behind you, with speakers on either side providing support.


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