What is Sound Field Optimization and How Does it Work in Soundbars?

    1. Sound Field Optimization is a technology used in the Sony DTS:X soundbar device.
    2. Through this technology, the soundbar intelligently optimizes audio to give you proper surround sound in the room.
    3. The Sony DTS:X soundbar has built-in speakers which include;
        1. 2 up-firing speakers facing the ceiling
        2. Dual subwoofer for bass
        3. 2 beam tweeter speakers
        4. 5 front speakers
    4. In addition to these speakers, you can have optional speakers for enhanced surround sound.
    5. Sound Field Optimization intelligently identifies these speakers and works out their distance from the soundbar.
    6. Based on this information, the soundbar optimizes the audio playing in all speakers within the room (sound field) for you to enjoy top-quality cinema-like sound.


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