What is Snapdragon in Mobile Phones?

    1. Snapdragon is a system on a chip (SoC) platform that is designed and created by  Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
    2. A system on a chip is a small integrated circuit device that holds 2 or more components of a phone, computer, or any other electronic system.
    3. In a normal setup, you would expect the processor and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to be in separate areas within a phone’s motherboard.
    4. Using superior technology,  Snapdragon combines the processor and GPU in just a single small chip.
    5. The 2 components can, therefore, be described as a system on a chip, because they work hand-in-hand.
    6. Phones with the Qualcomm Snapdragon are touted to have among the best display capabilities in the market.
    7. Another major system on a chip platform is Exynos which is used in Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
    8. More recent versions of Snapdragon come with mmWave support which supports the 5G network.
    9. With Snapdragon chip you stand to enjoy fast and immersive games, as well as high network connection speeds.


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