What is Semi Auto Defrost and How Does it Work in a Refrigerator?

    1. Defrosting is the removal of thin layers of ice that line your freezer walls.
    2. It is an important maintenance exercise that retains the efficiency of your refrigerator.
    3. Thick layers of accumulated frost interfere with your fridge evaporator which in turn hinders the cooling process.
    4. Semi-automatic defrost is one of the methods of removing the ice layers.
    5. Semi auto defrost involves pushing a defrost button inside the refrigerator to kickstart the process.
    6. Wait for the defrosting to finish, after which the fridge will automatically switch itself back on.
    7. Manual defrost is a simple physical exercise. Unplug your refrigerator, open the door and let the ice melt.
    8. A bowl of hot water can be placed inside to speed up the process. Wipe the fridge walls once the ice has melted.
    9. Automatic defrost is a feature in a no frost refrigerator. They have built-in heating that melts off the ice layers.


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