What is response time in TV and why is it important?

    1. TV response time is a measure of how quickly a television screen updates to reflect a change in the video being broadcast.
    2. The changes are particularly from one color to another.
    3. Response time is measured in milliseconds, and the lower the figure, the better the TV.
    4. Response time is very important because it determines how well the TV deals with blurring during color transitions.
    5. A low response time can lead to black smearing which refers to trailing behind fast-moving objects in dark scenes.
    6. You can check for response time on the TV specs, or use a video lag tester to measure response time.
    7. You can plug in your video lag tester and then switch between picture mode, for example, game and standard modes.
    8. Measure the response time by touching the screen with the lag tester while switching different modes.


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