What is RAM in Phones?

    1. RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It is a device fitted inside your smartphone that supports the Apps you open as you use your phone.
    2. The RAM feeds instructions to your phone’s processor which then executes those instructions to give you the output/information you see on your screen.
    3. RAM in phones comes in different sizes including;
        1. 1 GB
        2. 2 GB
        3. 4 GB
        4. 8 GB
        5. 16 GB
    4. The RAM size dictates how fast or efficient your phone is. It also dictates the kind of Apps you can use on your phone.
    5. Some gaming Apps, for instance, are graphic-intensive and they demand large memory.
    6. Having a small Random Access Memory size makes Apps close when you switch to another app, causing delays and slowing your phone down.


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