What is memory fusion technology and how does it work in phones?

    1. Memory fusion is a brilliant technology available in select modern smartphones that allows RAM expansion.
    2. Increasing the random access memory increases the efficiency and speed of the phone.
    3. Memory fusion facilitates RAM expansion by converting part of the read only memory (ROM) into RAM.
    4. The memory fusion feature can be easily activated from the setting of phones that support it.
    5. For enhanced processing power, the processor needs to be paired with a spacious random access memory to relay more volumes of instructions.
    6. With Memory Fusion, for example, a typical 3GB RAM smartphone can be optimized to an enlarged onboard RAM of up to 6GB.
    7. Memory fusion sets up your phone for heavy-duty multitasking.
    8. Multi-tasking is enabled by the seamless switching between applications that are running concurrently in the background.



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