What is magnetic shielding and why is it important?

    1. Magnetic shielding is the reduction of the external effect of a speaker’s magnetic field on other devices such as computers and cathode ray tube screens.
    2. Speakers in subwoofers and home theatre systems have magnets that cause the movement of the cone/diaphragm by creating an opposing magnetic field.
    3. This results in the back-and-forth vibration of the speaker which then projects sound.
    4. The magnetic field also acts outside the speaker, affecting computers and other devices like cathode ray tube screens.
    5. A computer hard drive, for instance, stores data using a magnetic field.
    6. Magnetic shielding has become unnecessary because of the technological advancement of cathode ray screens and computers.
    7. Modern TV screens are made in LED and LCD flat-screen designs which makes them immune to magnetic fields.
    8. Modern computer hard drives are also manufactured using rare earth elements that are resistant to external magnetic fields.
    9. Because of these reasons, most modern home theatre speakers do not have magnetic shielding.



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