What is LCD and How Does an LCD TV Work?

    1. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
    2. It is a display technology that primarily uses liquid crystals to function.
    3. LCD was an improvement from other display technologies such as the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).
    4. CRT screens were bigger with the old-school back extensions.
    5. LCD redefined flat panel (flat screen display) by introducing the backlighting concept.
    6. This display uses a backlight that is polarized by the liquid crystals within the screen.
    7. Polarizing means focusing/restricting light wholly or partially to a particular direction.
    8. The pixels are switched on and off electronically while the liquid crystals rotate/direct light to the pixels.
    9. These processes culminate in the pictures you see on your screen.
    10. TFT display is a widely used version of LCD.


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