What is Internal Storage in Your Phone?

    1. A mobile phone provides you with some internal space to store your own private files.
    2. These files include the photos and videos you take on your camera, music, and documents downloaded, among other forms of data.
    3. These files are usually stored for your own personal use and can only be accessed by your phone’s Apps.
    4. For instance, you can use your phone gallery App to view pictures and videos stored on your phone.
    5. The internal storage capacity can always be extended using a Secure Digital Card (SD Card).
    6. An SD Card can be fitted to your phone to hold some of your personal data, which you can access through operating your phone’s applications.
    7. Whether or not to insert an SD Card (memory card) depends on how much data/files you decide to retain in your phone.
    8. Internal storage in mobile phones may come in the following sizes;
        1. 16GB
        2. 32GB
        3. 64GB
        4. 128GB
        5. 256GB
    9. The phone’s internal storage can be viewed through the File Manager/My Files App.


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