What is Frequency Response and Why is it Important in Home Theater Systems?

    1. Frequency response is the effect an audio device has on sound signals passing through it.
    2. Audio devices with a frequency response include speakers and microphones.
    3. In studio monitor speakers, for instance, sound input should be equal to the output projected by the speakers.
    4. This is referred to as a flat frequency response.
    5. Frequency response can be adjusted using an equalizer and is measured in Hertz.
    6. It works hand in hand with a concept called tolerance measured in decibels.
    7. For example, a frequency response of 50-20kHz +3 or -3 dB means that the speaker can pass sound signals of 50-20kHz with a deviation of +3 or -3 decibels.
    8. This means that the sound will slightly peak and dip as it passes through your speaker.
    9. Frequency response determines sound quality by spelling out the extent to which sound changes during projection by your devices, for example, speakers.


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