What is Electric Cooling in Water Dispensers and Coolers?

    1. Electric cooling is a new environmentally friendly cooling technology developed for fridges and water coolers.
    2. Electric cooling does not use refrigerants, which are special chemicals used in the cooling processes.
    3. Also referred to as thermoelectric cooling, it uses the Peltier effect which uses a cold and hot zone for cooling.
    4. This system involves a series of semiconductors, where half of them have excess electrons.
    5. The other half lacks sufficient electrons.
    6. The semiconductors are paired against each other to form numerous couples.
    7. Once electricity is applied, a difference in temperature is experienced with one side being cold and the other being hot.
    8. Heat traditionally moves from hot areas to colder areas.
    9. Heat leaves the hot side through a heat sink made of aluminum fins.
    10. These fins pass the heat out into the air creating a cooling effect.


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