What is Dolby Vision HDR and Why Does it Matter?

    1. Dolby Vision HDR is a display technology created to project ultra-clear high contrast pictures on your screen.
    2. HDR stands for high dynamic range, a concept in television display that combines contrast and color accuracy.
    3. Contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of a screen image.
    4. Dolby Vision can optimize image quality in order to have your pictures in HDR version.
    5. This means you will get accurate picture details on your screen.
    6. Emotions and other facial elements can sometimes be blown out because of too much brightness.
    7. Some detail in a picture can be lost during shooting night/dark scenes as well as bright sunlight.
    8. Dolby Vision HDR is a powerful feature in moderating these conditions or sceneries in order to display accurate pictures.
    9. Dolby Vision HDR-enabled devices have this superior quality in the screen display.


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