What is Dolby Atoms and How Does it Work in Phones?

    1. Dolby Atoms is a superior sound and audio technology created by  Dolby Laboratories.
    2. It is a spatial sound technology meant to enhance the realness, clarity, and detail of any audio you listen to.
    3. A spatial sound is what people would call 3D audio, which simply refers to sound coming from all directions in your surrounding without using multiple speakers.
    4. Dolby Atoms facilitates an enhanced interaction between sound and your hearing sense, which enables your brain to perceive a location.
    5. The aim is to make you feel part of the production you interact with, be it a movie, game, or music.
    6. Dolby Atoms technology draws you deeper into the sound so that you hear more and feel more.
    7. You get the exact theater or studio acoustic version right on your headphones.


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