What is DNR Noise Reduction and How Does it Work in TV?

    1. Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) is a technology that removes image noise from a video signal.
    2. This happens by making images clearer and reducing video file size.
    3. Image noise refers to the blurry effect that is mostly seen in videos shot in dark low-light spaces.
    4. DNR works by analyzing pixels inside an image to remove the blurry appearance of low-light images.
    5. DNR also handles moving pictures/objects without leaving trails on the screen to ensure smooth viewing even with dimly lit scenes.
    6. DNR exists in 2 forms; 2D and 3D Digital Noise Reduction.
    7. While both do the same work, 3D DNR also reconciles any errors during color blending for pictures on the TV screen.



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