What is discrete phone photography?

    1. Discrete photography refers to the act of snapping pictures without being detected or noticed.
    2. From Nanny cams to spy phones, technology has developed various means of discrete photography.
    3. The Nanny cams, for instance, are cameras placed inside a household for overall security and tracking the safety of kids and pets.
    4. You can use your typical smartphone to shoot pictures secretly through the following means;
        1. Disabling the phone camera shutter sound. Mute or vibration mode always does the trick.
        2. You can also disable the camera flash.
        3. Strategically place your phone in a shirt pocket.
    5. Bontel Little Lover L2, for example, is a smartphone loosely referred to as a spy phone.
    6. This is because it is small in size and has a hidden camera lens to make filming discrete.


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