What is DDR SDRAM in a Computer?

    1. DDR stands for double data rate while SDRAM stands for synchronous dynamic random access memory.
    2. It is a memory device that supports the Apps or programs you open as you use your computer.
    3. DDR SDRAM is an improvement of DRAM (dynamic random access memory) that emerged in the 1970s.
    4. The random access memory is usually controlled by a clock that arranges incoming and outgoing data.
    5. DRAM did not have this clock function which made it asynchronous.
    6. It was difficult for DRAM to work with other external components such as the processor.
    7. DDR SDRAM has a clock that facilitates orderly cycles through which the memory fetches and processes data.
    8. DDR means that the memory can fetch data twice in one cycle, giving it the name double data rate.
    9. It has also evolved over the years, bringing DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4.
    10. These developments have reduced power usage and increased the processing speed of RAM.


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