What is Compressor Cooling and How Does it Work in Water Coolers?

    1. Compressor cooling is the common cooling method used in refrigerators, chillers, and water coolers/dispensers.
    2. It works by introducing drinking water to a colder environment which simply sucks out heat from your water.
    3. Compressor cooling uses refrigerants which are special chemicals that provide a cooling effect.
    4. Once the water cooler is switched on, the compressor starts by compressing the refrigerant making it turn into hot vapor.
    5. The hot vapor is then cooled through a condenser before being expelled through an evaporator.
    6. The cold vapor extracts heat from the drinking water in the storage tank making it cold.
    7. Compressor cooling is more effective at cooling than thermoelectric cooling.
    8. It is, however, less environmentally friendly because of the refrigerants used.


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