What is auto focus mode and how does it work on phone cameras?

    1. Autofocus is an intelligent feature that allows your camera to automatically pull various objects into focus once you switch it on.
    2. Autofocus is achieved through the coordination of the lens and the image sensor inside the camera.
    3. It involves movable lenses that shift their distance from the image sensor in order to adjust focus.
    4. Autofocus in a phone camera resembles the twisting of camera lenses by a photographer, except that it happens digitally in a smartphone camera.
    5. This is the opposite of fixed focus in which the lenses cannot move to adjust focus.
    6. Smartphone cameras execute autofocus in the following ways;
        1. Pulling items in the center of the scene into focus.
        2. Giving priority to human faces.
        3. Maximizing the sharpness of the entire scene to point out the center of focus.



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