What is an RGBW Sensor and How Does it Work in Mobile?

    1. An RGBW sensor was developed using Red Green Blue and White color filter technology.
    2. This sensor enables you to take high-definition images, especially in dim and dull surroundings.
    3. Smartphone companies that sell highly on phone cameras such as Tecno have the RGBW sensor as a crucial component.
    4. It is an upgrade of the RGB sensor which was widely used before.
    5. The RGBW technology introduces white pixels in addition to red, green, and blue.
    6. The white pixels are highly receptive to light, and they suck in more light without disrupting the other picture elements.
    7. This makes it possible to shoot clear pictures even where light is very limited.
    8. The RGBW sensor is usually fitted in the phone’s primary/main camera.


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