What is an Intel Core Processor?

    1. Intel processors are arguably the best central processing units for computers.
    2. Made by the Intel Corporation, Intel processors are popular in personal computers, work computers, gaming, and many other computer uses.
    3. A processor is an integrated electronic circuitry fitted inside your device to process and respond to instructions coming from your Apps.
    4. Intel processors are assigned to different families that include;
        1. Core
        2. Celeron
        3. Xeon
        4. Pentium is the earliest form of the Intel processor.
    5. Several processor names are often on the lips of computer sellers. These include;
        1.  Intel® Core™ i7
        2.  Intel® Core™ i5
        3.  Intel® Core™ i3
        4.  Intel® Core™ i9
    6. These names represent the Intel brand, family (core), and brand modifiers (i7, i3 e.t.c)
    7. These processors also have different generations that include;
        1. 9th generation came around 2018/19
        2. 10th generation followed in 2020
        3. 11th generation Intel processors emerged in 2021
        4. More recently, laptops have 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 labels.
    8. Intel® Core™ i9 is currently the most powerful of the Intel processors.


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