What is an Induction Cooker and How Does it Work?

    1. An induction cooker is an electricity-powered cooking device that has a flat smooth cooktop.
    2. It is portable and often has one plate on which you can cook.
    3. An induction cooker uses a heat induction method between its ceramic cooktop and special cooking vessels.
    4. These specially designed flat-bottomed vessels concentrate the heat to cook food.
    5. Induction cookers work in the same manner as a hot plate, but they are more power efficient.
    6. This is because the space between the hot plate and the cooking vessel allows some heat to disappear.
    7. For induction cookers, the cooking vessel sits squarely on the induction plate leaving no space in between.
    8. As a result, inductor cookers are energy efficient due to the intense concentration of heat on the cooking plate.
    9. The induction cooker is complete with smart controls on the cooktop, and it quickly cools off after cooking.


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