What is an AUX Cable and How Does it Work?

    1. Aux stands for auxiliary port and it is a standard interface that accommodates audio signals.
    2. Aux port is a sound/audio input function for home theater systems alongside Bluetooth and USB.
    3. Other than a home theater, you can plug in headphones through the auxiliary port of an input source.
    4. The source can be a TV, laptop, tablet, or phone.
    5. An auxiliary cable connects the home theatre/headset to the input source.
    6. A home theater auxiliary port helps to improve the quality of audio from your TV, laptop, or phone speakers to give you boosted and more refined sound.
    7. Auxiliary cables have an auxiliary jack (aux jack) on one end to insert into the sound source.
    8. You only need to connect the aux cable and tune your sound system to ‘aux mode’ in order to experience better audio through the speakers.


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