What is an Aperture in Phone Photography and What Does it Do?

    1. An aperture is an opening located in the lens that allows light inside the camera.
    2. It is a critical component because photographs cannot be taken without light.
    3. The aperture is equivalent to your eye’s pupil because they both function in the same manner.
    4. Like the pupil, the aperture widens and shrinks to regulate the amount of light entering the camera.
    5. It works hand in hand with the aperture blades which open and close to widen or shrink the aperture.
    6. Aperture controls the brightness of your picture as well as the depth of field.
    7. The more light that enters your camera, the brighter your picture is.
    8. Depth of field refers to the furthest objects that are captured clearly on camera.
    9. Aperture size is normally indicated using the “f/number” format.
    10. The lower the number the wider the aperture and vice versa. For instance, f/1.6 is a wider aperture than f/2.4.


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