What is AMD Ryzen™ Series in Computers?

    1. AMD Ryzen™  is a series of computer chips that act as computer central processing units.
    2. AMD also produces graphics processing units that process screen visuals.
    3. A processor is an integrated circuit that uses arithmetic and logic to process specific instructions and deliver a certain output.
    4. AMD Ryzen™  is a high-powered processor that has speeds clocking 4.1 GHz to handle highly demanding programs and huge workloads.
    5. AMD Radeon™ graphics processor is a sibling to the AMD Ryzen™ processor with unmatched imaged processing abilities.
    6. AMD Radeon™ is responsible for displaying content on a screen with high frame rates (frames per second – FPS).
    7. This is the attribute behind the enjoyable gaming experience by AMD Radeon™ graphics card.
    8. This image processor makes it possible for the screen to rapidly display numerous image frames, which is ideal for fast-paced games.


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