What is AiPQ Engine and How Does it Work in TV?

    1. AiPQ Engine is a TCL smart TV processor.
    2. Best known as the AiPQ Engine Gen 2, the TCL television chipset has advanced capabilities.
    3. It uses artificial intelligence through machine learning and algorithm to give high-quality displays on your screen.
    4. AiPQ Engine is able to process audio-visual content in real-time and instantly make adjustments to give you the best pictures.
    5. It can for instance upscale visual content to 4k resolution through its background processes.
    6. AiPQ Engine also identifies different sceneries such as night shots and optimizes them to be as real as possible.
    7. This processor is able to adjust your TV’s brightness and sound according to the surroundings.
    8. Through the smart TV audio feature, AiPQ Engine collects details on the surroundings using inbuilt microphones and adjusts the TV volume accordingly.


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