What is Adaptive EQ and how does it work in headsets?

    1. Adaptive EQ stands for adaptive equalization and it is a signature feature in all AirPods and other Apple ear devices.
    2. It is a feature that normally works in the background, meaning the AirPod user has no control over its functioning.
    3. Adaptive EQ moderates the audio frequencies (from low frequencies (bass) to medium frequency sounds) to give you a rich and detailed listening experience.
    4. Adaptive EQ works through the coordination of an H1 chip and special microphones within the Airpod.
    5. These microphones adjust sound transmission inside your ear in accordance with how your ear is shaped.
    6.  The inward-facing microphones detect what you are listening to before adjusting the sound frequencies to deliver rich details in every song.
    7. Adaptive EQ is able to customize or modify your audio in real-time.



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