What is a stylus tip and how does it work in tablets?

    1. A stylus tip is a device used to draw or make selections by tapping on a screen.
    2. An S Pen for Samsung smartphones and tablets is a good example of a stylus tip.
    3. Stylus tips are used on resistive touchscreens, that use a bit of pressure on the screen to reflect touches, scrolls, and swipes.
    4. A resistive touchscreen is different from a capacitive touch display, which only relies on direct contact between the finger and the screen.
    5. Resistive touchscreens accommodate fingers and other stylus tips.
    6. Resistive touchscreens have several layers including a plastic and a glass layer.
    7. These glass and plastic layers are coated with a conductive material and lined up with electric charges.
    8. Electrical resistance is created between both layers which makes charges move sideways or top to bottom.
    9. When a finger or stylus tip presses down on the tablet screen, both electric films meet.
    10. The resistance between both layers at the point of contact gives an accurate measurement of the touch position.
    11. These processes give you the appropriate responses to the strokes of the S Pen on your tablet/phone screen.


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