What is a Stereo Receiver and How Does it Work?

    1. A stereo receiver is an electronic system that plays audio on speakers.
    2. It consists of different components: a CD player, USB Port, Bluetooth connection, and an FM tuner.
    3. These components accommodate various audio sources. For example, the USB port will take in, read and play music from a flash drive.
    4. Stereo systems are a very common feature in vehicles and also in homes.
    5. Receivers are crucial in setting up a home sound system because they determine sound quality in the room.
    6. You often have to choose between an AV receiver and a stereo receiver.
    7. A stereo receiver has fewer audio channels (2) and is ideal for traditional music play.
    8. An AV receiver/home theater has 5 or more channels for the surround sound effect which is essential for video, especially movies.


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