What is a Speaker Enclosure and Why is it Important?

    1. A speaker enclosure is a box often made of wood that houses the main speakers (speaker drivers).
    2. The box is usually hollow with vacant space inside, save for the speakers mounted on its walls.
    3. While the speaker enclosure essentially holds the speakers in position, it has a more significant role to play.
    4. It is crucial in preventing the cancelation of sound, especially when it comes to low-frequency (bass) sound.
    5. Upon the arrival of electric current on its voice coil, the speaker pushes forward to project/push out the sound.
    6. As it pushes forward it leaves a vacuum behind which is immediately occupied by the sound waves produced.
    7. Remember sound waves go in all directions, therefore, nothing stops the waves from coming in behind the speaker.
    8. The speaker enclosure traps these waves inside the speaker which prevents them from canceling low-frequency sound waves (bass) in mid-air.
    9. This makes the front of the speaker as the central sound emission point to the listeners in the room.
    10. Speaker enclosures come in different designs including;
        1. Bass reflex enclosure that has a hole at the front to equalize pressure on the inside and outside of the speaker.
        2. Sealed enclosure
        3. Band-pass enclosure


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