What is a SATA Drive?

    1. SATA stands for serial advanced technology attachment.
    2. It is the data transmission path/bus interface that connects the hard disc drive storage (HDD) to the host bus adapters.
    3. Host bus adapters are integrated circuits found on the computer motherboard which act as a gateway of data to and from the HDD.
    4. SATA cables are the wide, colored cables you find inside the system unit of a desktop or laptop case.
    5. They are connected on one end to a port at the HDD and another port on the computer motherboard.
    6. While SATA is usually paired with hard disc drives, it is also used with solid-state discs (SSD).
    7. This is why HDDs are commonly referred to as SATA hard drives.
    8. The favored bus interface for SSD is, however, the PCI Express (PCIe) transmission protocol.


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