What is a Samsung Neo QLED TV and How Does it Work?

    1. Samsung Neo QLED TV is the most recent innovation by Samsung for its TV product line.
    2. Introduced in 2021, Neo QLED is an upgrade to QLED TV which has been in the market since 2017.
    3. Neo QLED TVs are supported by Quantum Matrix technology.
    4. Just like the QLED TV, the Neo QLED uses a backlight made of light-emitting diodes.
    5. The difference is that the Neo QLED backlight uses smaller LEDs.
    6. The Quantum Matrix technology involves a super-thin microlayer that guides the LED light.
    7. This layer is able to designate dimming zones within the screen.
    8. The dimming zones are to enhance image contrast, which means the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of an image.
    9. Precise dimming allows the TV screen to present black patches of an image to be as dark as it should be.
    10. Neo QLED TVs give you brighter color density and more controlled black areas, which enhances overall display quality.


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