What is a Quantum Processor in a TV?

    1. Quantum Processor is the signature processor in Samsung QLED and Neo QLED televisions.
    2. It is a chip that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to enhance TV displays.
    3. The Quantum processor has the following versions;
        1. Quantum Processor 4K
        2. Quantum Processor 8K
    4. The Quantum Processor 8K upscales any content on display to 8K-like quality.
    5. The Quantum Processor 4K upscales any content on display to 4K-like quality.
    6. 8K and 4K are high display resolutions that show crystal clear and smooth pictures.
    7. The Quantum processor also provides AI sound or 3D audio.
    8. This processor intelligently adjusts sound according to the context of what is being displayed.
    9. Watching a football match, for instance, AI sound gives prominence to the crowd’s cheers so as to make the scene as real as possible.
    10. This gives an immersive experience as it draws you to the TV program so that you hear more and feel more.


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