What is a QNED MiniLED TV and How Does it Work?

    1. QNED MiniLED TV is among the latest editions of the LG TV product line.
    2. A QNED MiniLED TV combines NanoCell, Quantum Dot, and MiniLED technologies to bring out the best display in the market.
    3. These televisions are designed to achieve the highest color accuracy and best contrasts.
    4. QNED MiniLED TVs use a series of mini light-emitting diodes to provide screen lighting.
    5. The MiniLEDS are assisted by dimming zones that help to display the darkest and brightest parts of an image.
    6. The NanoCell technology inside the QNED MiniLED TV involves a special light/color filter.
    7. The filter selectively allows different light wavelengths in order to enhance its color output in the picture.
    8. The quantum dots are small particles within the screen that amplify the color and brightness of the MiniLED light.
    9. The three display technologies help QNED Mini LED TVs in displaying deeper blacks (real black), high brightness, and real colors.


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