What is a Preamplifier and How Does it Work?

    1. A preamplifier is an integrated circuit device that prepares a sound signal before it gets to the amplifier. 
    2. Also known as the preamp, it first selects the input signal from a given source. 
    3. It allows you to select which source you want to listen from, including turntables, USB ports, CD player, and streaming devices. 
    4. The preamplifier also increases the signal-to-noise ratio to make the sound signal strong enough for processing in the amplifier. 
    5. Signal-to-noise ratio increased to above zero decibels means that the signal is stronger than the noise, therefore, there is less distortion. 
    6. Through the amplifier, you can also control the volume of audio by either lowering or raising it. 
    7. Preamplifiers exist as independent units from amplifiers, however, modern stereo and AV receivers combine them inside one box. 


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