What is a Phone Quad Camera and How Does it Work?

    1. Smartphones have evolved over the years with regard to their camera capabilities.
    2. From a single camera at the back, smartphones nowadays come with multiple cameras.
    3. A quad camera is a camera system equipped with four camera sensors that perform different functions.
    4. Samsung has extensively adopted the quad camera which gives it an edge over many other Android smartphones.
    5. A quad camera has the following camera sensors;
        1. Macro camera
        2. Ultra-wide camera
        3. Main camera
        4. Depth camera
    6. The main camera captures the main details in a picture with high clarity.
    7. The ultra-wide camera widens the viewing angle to bring more details into focus. This adds more perspective to your shots.
    8. The Macro camera has a magnifying effect which brings closer the minute details in a photograph. These are the details that ordinarily could have been missed shooting on a normal camera.
    9. Through the depth camera, you can extend the background of your camera shot. You can bring far-off objects into focus.
    10. For portrait photography, you can blur the background to make your main subject stand out using the depth camera.


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