What is a Mechanical Oven Timer and How Does it Work?

    1. Baking is a time-sensitive exercise with baking time having far-reaching implications on the quality of your cake, cookies, e.tc.
    2. Cookers have ovens that are fitted with a mechanically controlled timer that dictates the time taken in baking.
    3. The mechanical timer is usually set by turning the time knob on your cooker.
    4. Turning the knob causes compression of a spring inside the timer.
    5. The spring continuously unwinds throughout the duration you have set.
    6. The unwinding of the spring causes the movement of the timer’s dial.
    7. Once the spring completely unwinds it will trigger a bell-like sound to alert you that time is up.
    8. The timer is usually set at the beginning of baking, alongside heating mode and temperature.


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