What is a Hi-Fi System and How Does it Work?

    1. Hi-Fi stands for high fidelity and it is a high-quality projection of sound.
    2. Hi-Fi systems are immune to the distortion of sound by lowering noise levels to zero.
    3. A Hi-Fi system is usually built from scratch by assembling different components.
    4. The components are a good choice of input source, amplifier, and speakers.
    5. An input source can be a CD player, USB, turntable, or streaming platform like Spotify.
    6. For the amplifier, you can go for a stereo receiver or an AV receiver.
    7. A Hi-Fi system favors a 2.0 stereo setup which is 2 speakers on either side of the stereo receiver/amplifier.
    8. While a home theater makes you feel like you are in a movie cinema, a Hi-Fi system focuses on sound precision.
    9. Hi-Fi systems attempt to reproduce audio exactly the way it sounded when it was being recorded.


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