What is a Dual Camera and How Does it Work in Phones?

    1. A dual camera is a camera system equipped with 2 camera sensors that perform different functions.
    2. A dual camera has a primary/main camera that is supported by any of the following cameras;
        1. Wide angle camera
        2. Optical zoom camera
        3. Telephoto camera
    3. The main camera captures the main details in a picture with high clarity.
    4. The secondary camera adds specific features and capabilities.
    5. The wide-angle camera widens the viewing area to bring more details into focus. This adds more perspective to your shots.
    6. The optical zoom lens has a magnifying effect which brings closer the minute details in a photograph. These details can miss out when shooting on a normal camera.
    7. The telephoto lens is for portrait photography where you can blur the background to make your main subject stand out.
    8. Depending on the type of secondary camera used, a dual camera can give one of the above features as an additional capability.


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