What is a compressed music enhancer and how does it work in home theatre?

    1. The compressed music enhancer is a feature that allows the production of vivid clear sound by home theatre systems.
    2. Clear audio without noise and distortion is critical to an immersive surround sound experience.
    3. A compressed music enhancer or compressor is a device that automatically reduces the gain/intake of audio signals by the amplifier when activated.
    4. This process is similar to turning the volume knob on your stereo or AV receiver.
    5. The compressed music enhancer also has a “make-up gain” feature that can step up the audio signal after the initial gain reduction.
    6. This makes the resultant audio signal more intense and louder without any distortion or noise.
    7. To eliminate unwanted noise that is louder than the desired sound signal, the compressor turns down the audio gain which drastically reduces it.
    8. TheĀ “make-up gain” then powers up the “cleaned” sound to the desired volume.



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