What is 6 Motion DD Technology in Washing Machines?

    1. 6 Motion DD is a technology used in LG washing machines that combines 6 different types of motions.
    2. The drum executes the following movements as it rotates in the wash tub;
        1. Rolling
        2. Scrubbing
        3. Swinging
        4. Filtration
        5. Tumbling
        6. Stepping
    3. All these motions make the clothes move, twist, and turn in a particular manner to ensure ultra-cleaning.
    4. 6 Motion DD also takes into account the type of fabric inside the wash tub and handles it accordingly.
    5. These motions are variedly applied across the different wash modes which include;
        1. Normal washing
        2. Heavy-duty washing
        3. Delicate washing
    6. The washing machine, for instance, uses the swinging motion for delicate fabric and not for heavy-duty washing to protect the fabric.


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