What is 4K Upscaling and how does it work on TV?

    1. 4K Upscaling is a television feature that automatically upgrades an original picture resolution to 4K standard.
    2. Also known as AI Upscaling, this feature uses artificial intelligence to scan and upgrade content to 4K.
    3. This feature is only available on 4K TVs, with some doing it better than others.
    4. With a pixel measure of 3840×2160, 4K resolution displays not only ultra-clear pictures but also a smooth display of action-packed movies and games.
    5. The upscaling process starts with video signal analysis to determine the picture resolution of the incoming signal.
    6. It is followed by digital noise reduction (DNR) that removes any blurring from the picture.
    7. The picture is then converted into 4K resolution.
    8. The resolution upscaler feature relies on powerful TV processors.